Dismantling Works


The Triumph company successfully performs dismantling works for many years. Our specialists disassemble, dismantle and demolish the objects of any type and altitude.


Демонтаж здания из железобетона Демонтаж фундамента здания


Our Services


Demolition of buildings of any type - industrial buildings and warehouses, residential houses, dismantling of high-rise buildings, wooden and brick buildings.

Dismantling of walls and partitions - brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, walls of foam blocks, drywall, load-bearing walls.

Dismantling of concrete floor slabs.

Dismantling the concrete floor screed.

Dismantling the roofs of buildings.

Dismantling of foundations, underground shelters and shelters.

Dismantling of concrete structures - building frames, bridges, elevators, industrial buildings.

Dismantling of metal structures - metal frames of buildings, cranes, bridges, water towers.

Dismantling of reinforced concrete smokestacks, metal smokestacks, brick smokestacks.

Demolition of oil and gas facilities - tanks for petroleum products, buildings, factories.

Dismantling of road surface.

Dismantling of wooden houses.

Demolition of emergency buildings and constructions, a high risk of caving buildings, emergency high-rise buildings.

Conservation and liquidation of dumps and landfills.

Removal and disposal of construction waste.


We perform demolition works in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and other regions of Russia. We are ready to cooperate on the terms of general contracting and subcontracting.





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