Construction of the 4-storey monolithic administrative building in Nizhny Novgorod

in work



16 October 2014 "Triumph" specialists started to work on the construction of a reinforced concrete monolithic frame of administrative building in Nizhny Novgorod on the conditions of general contracting.


Scope of work: 4 floors height monolithic building frame, 600 m3 of concrete.


To date, the following works have performed:


1. Geodetic works.

2. Construction of a sand cushion under the slab foundation.

3. Heat insulation of the slab foundation.

4. Reinforcement of the monolithic slab foundation, reinforcement of the columns.

5. Filling of the grillages and the concrete slab foundation.

6. Filling of the 1st floor monolithic slabs.

7. Filling of the 2nd floor columns.

8. Installation of the precast concrete stairs.

9. Filling of the 2nd floor monolithic slabs.

10. Filling of the columns, reinforcement of the 3rd floor slab.



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