Prefabricated metal buildings


Construction of prefabricated buildings is one of the activities of the Triumph company.


We build prefab steel buildings of any size - from the car repair shops to industrial buildings.


Сборка металлокаркаса быстровозводимого здания Готовое быстровозводимое здание склада



 Our Services


Construction of warehouses and prefabricated hangars.

Construction of prefabrikated Ruukki buildings.

Construction of prefabricated car washes, garages, car repair shops and vehicle dealerships.

Construction of oil and gas facilities and gas stations.

Construction of industrial buildings.

Construction of prefabricated retail stores and malls, offices, cafe.

Construction of modular buildings.

Construction of frameless hangars.

Construction of prefabricated agricultural buildings - barns, granaries, dairies, storage buildings, shop buildings, stables, cowsheds, piggeries etc.

Construction of recreational and sports facilities.


The Triumph company builds prefabricated metal buildings "turnkey" in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and other regions of Russia.





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