3 common mistakes of an independent repair


1. Hurry. Many people want to renovate the whole apartments just in a couple of days; so they ask their relatives and friends to help them. In such a case quality and longevity are out of the question – renovation will be an endless process. “Let’s glue afresh paperhanging, and then we can go from there”.


Alongside with that stained paper is removed, platbands and baseboards are deflected, doors and floors are scratched, chandelier, switch sockets and automatic circuit breakers are damaged. It often turns out, that the ceiling looks very bad after a wall is covered with paper. The net effect is that one has to spend money not only on wallpaper, but also on the new floor pavement.


Solution is the shrewd planning!


We are sure, that one can avoid such a mistake. One only should do shrewd planning in black and white for these purposes. One must take into account a wealth of key moments. For example, it is very important to place switch sockets and automatic circuit breakers. The chosen place of accommodation should be convenient to each and every family member. In case you stick to specific plan while conducting repairs, things get busy.


2. Imitativeness. This is a common pitfall during cottage repair. There are many popular television broadcasts about repair now; many people want to achieve the same results, which are shown in these television broadcasts. This decision is fundamentally wrong!


Solution is the individualized approach!


Your flat is an individually tailored space! It needs a special design, which will decorate it! It is known that floor space has to be taken into consideration while interior appearance creating. In such a case everything will be done perfectly.


3. Lack of professionalism. One may perform easy manipulations independently. Unessential error can sometimes turn into an irreparable problem. Remember! A miser pays twice, and sometimes even three times


Solution – choice of a qualified master builder for renovation works!


The best thing, if you not know the first thing about renovation works, is to invite skilled specialists. So you will save your time and money and also obtain a perfect result!





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