How to calculate the budget of a construction project?


One can build a house on the standalone basis only if one has building skills. One must realize, that the building demands great patience, force, time, investments.


It is not enough to have knowledge; it is very important to plan out the budget skillfully.


One should pay attention to the following points by construction project


Spending planning by construction project must be accurate – there cannot be any loose calculations.


One should picture to oneself the shape of the future house; total expenses will depend on wall thickness, room space, depth, roof coating, height of the foundation.


Interior works must be taken into consideration also; kind of building materials and their characteristics will depend on it. Ornamental finishing will have some price; it depends on colouring quality of the material.


Finally, communications have to be taken into account – no construction can exist without electricity, water supply, heating, signal communication. Keep in mind that independent laying down of communications is impossible – it is service in consideration of payment.


Is it possible to cut corners on constructional materials?


It is possible to cut the costs by budget planning of a country house building. Some owners of the sites advise to use recycled materials, but there are parts of the house which are to be made only of qualitative materials – if they are low-quality the house will not be solid. Roof, foundation concrete, materials the ceiling will be made of.


One may cut the costs, if there a possibility exists of connecting to water-supply system; there will be rising scale of expenditures in no small part if you plan to have own power-supply and water-supply systems. So it will be impossible to cut the costs, because when using defective materials these systems do not function – it can cause a local technotronic catastrophe. Anyway the usage of such self-contained systems completely changes the construction budget of a cottage.


Installation of wooden and plastic windows has also influence on the total price. Cheaper windows help to cut the costs, but poor heat proof will increase the energy consumption when it's cold, and in summary the total spending. The same thing goes for entrance door. High-quality entrance door can ensure safety of the house more than its cheap alternatives. Don't take any chances when it comes to safety!


How to calculate the budget of the building?


Appraisal costs required for the building can be calculated using a simple circuit. A schedule can be drawn with the columns for writing down the prices.


Table columns:


Frame. Costs of in-situ concreting (building of foundation, intermediate concrete slabs, roof coating, walls) is involved. It is necessary to take into account that air drains will be laid.

Interior décor. This expense group is massively bigger. This takes into account internal circuits of heating, water supply, screed coat, qualitative floor covering including installation of the baseboard, finishing works. One must make provision against unforeseen expenses on installation and finishing of the mechanical cores, kitchen, equipment, finish hardware. If it is a double-story house, one must define desired expenditure on installation of staircases; installation of a fire place is possible.

Installation of building services systems. These are water supply system, wastewater disposal system, electricity, gas supply system.

Improvement of the territory - garbage removal, installation of fence, gate, wicket door, coating with asphalt. Installation of decorative lighting in country houses is possible. According to appropriate procedures water disposal must be installed.

Documentation development. Project, various permissions, documents, documentary evidence of completion. Collection of documentation is rather a finicky job.


It is easy to calculate all the planning costs and avoid overspend by taking all characteristic properties into consideration.





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