• Disassembly

    Our specialists carry out the demolition of residential and industrial buildings, steel structures, smokestacks, bridges.

    We carry out the dismantling of any complexity.

  • Monolithic construction

    Construction of monolithic foundations, overlaps, columns, residential and office buildings, shopping centers.

    We guarantee high quality work at low cost!

  • Fabrication and installation of steel structures

    Designing, manufacturing and installation of steel structures.

    Own fabrication shop.

  • Prefabricated buildings

    Construction of light metalware hangars, warehouses, shopping malls, industrial and office buildings, showrooms and service stations.

  • Road construction

    Design, construction, equipping and repair of highways, asphalting of territories, construction of temporary roads.

Our advantages

Lowest prices

Our price is always lower than the market average.


All types of construction services

We build turnkey objects and perform certain types of construction works.


Save time and material resources

We are customer oriented and maximum optimize all stages of work in accordance with the minimum cost to you.


Financial transparency of all stages of

You can always be sure of the intended use of your funds. Very important for us the trust of customers.


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