• Demolition works

    Our professional employees execute the works in housebreaking, demolition of residential units and industrial buildings, metalwork, chimney necks, bridges. We carry out demolition works of any complexity.

  • In-situ concreting

    Building of raft foundation, intermediate concrete slabs, detached piers, framework, office buildings, shopping centers. We guarantee high quality by low costs.

  • Fabrication and assembly of steel construction

    We have our own plant in metalwork production.
    Design, fabrication and assembly.

  • Prefabricated buildings

    We offer services in building of light-gouge construction hangars, warehouses, shopping centers, industrial and office buildings, car showrooms, car-care centers on a turnkey basis.

  • Improvement of the territory

    Site improvement – cleaning, garbage removal, asphalt paving, sidewalks and paths layout on a turnkey basis.

  • Highway engineering

    Design, construction and repair of automobile roads; asphalt work, construction of temporary roads.

Our advantages

Favourable price

Our wage rate is keener than average market price. Working on new objects of interest is more important for us than incidental profit. We have our own crew, special-purpose machinery and equipment, that is why our pricing facilities are more profitable.


All kinds of construction services

Demolition works, in-situ concreting, industrial flooring pouring, foamed polyurethane sputtering,
metal fabrication, construction of prefabricated
buildings, improvement of the territory, asphalt


Time-saving and cost cutting

Our company is client friendly and streamlines the workflow in accordance with cost saving.


Financial visibility

You may always rest assured of designated use of your financial resource. Customers belief is very important for us.


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