Prefabricated buildings construction


Quickly erectable structures construction is one of areas of activity of multibusiness company "Triumph".


Frame prefabricated buildings made of light-gage constructions is a good variant for business start, installation is carried out at any season within the shortest possible period of time.




Our services


We take lead on constructing any buildings - from car-care centers to shopping centers:


Prefabricated hargars installation.
Installation of warm hangars and warehouses.
Cold stores and cold storage boxes installation.
Ruukki system building.
Installation of carwashes and car-care centres made of sandwich panels.
Filling stations, oil-and-gas objects installation .
Showrooms building.
Building of prefabricated storage garages.
Office blocks building.
Coffee bars building.
Modular buildings installation.
Building of frameless hangars.
Building of shopping centers.
Accommodation spaces building.
Building of prefabricated stores and outdoor concession stands.
Industrial buildings construction.
Building of stock-raising farms, grain depots and agricultural plants.
Sports centers and sports structures building.


We carry out the works on turnkey basis in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and across the country.





Here are the average costs of prefabricated building:


Cool buildings made of steel construction – from 6000 rub. per sq.m. (unheated building with metal frame lagged with stainless steel sheet).


Warm frame building made of steel constructions and sandwich panels – from 12000 rub. per sq.m. (heated building with metal frame lagged with composing or factory-supplied sandwich panels).


Frameless arched hangar – 2100-2600 rub. /sq.m.


Price-list for cold hangars
(guiding price)

Price-list for warm hangars
(guiding price)




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Technological characteristics


Construction method is based on frame building made of bolt mounted light-gouge construction, enclosure - sandwich panels or stainless steel sheet.
Such a construction produces minimum load and doesn`t need a deep foundation.
Welding works are excluded, bolted-on connection is used in the construction.
The length of the building is not limited.
Buildings made of light-gouge constructions are suitable even for severe climate regions.



Advantages of prefabricated buildings


Light-gouge building construction has many essential advantages:


Erection rate. It takes on an average only 3 months from design approval to building.
Ease of installation. building structure is notable not only for ease of assembly but also for its dismantling – and transportation easy.
Efficient performance. Due to low costs, quick installation and absence of valuable expenditures for equipment you have telling economy of time and finance.
Short payback period. prefabricated buildings are suitable for fast business start because of quick buildings erection.
Long working life. Structures can be used many years in any weather conditions due to sound materials and special protection from corrosion.





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Examples of performed works


prefabricated warehouse building with an area of 3000 sq.m. in Nizhny Novgorod. All metal structures have been manufactured in production unit of LLC "Triumph".




Benefits of the cooperation with us


Warranty for done works – 5 years.
Time- and money saving. We are a customer-oriented organization, we seek to streamline the workflow and consequently minimize your input requirements.
Full range of services; we construct project of prefabricated buildings on a turnkey basis, complete individual tasks and carry out the whole operating cycle from metal fabrication to industrial flooring pouring.





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Guarantee of quality


LLC "Triumph" has an allowance to all kinds of design and building works. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO (Certificate №BSS.RU.01.S000480).


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