Prefabricated shopping centers


LLC "Triumph" builds prefabricated shopping centers, outdoor concession stands, stores. We will Design and Build having satisfied all the requirements to functionality, size, interior finish.



Our company builds prefabricated shopping centers and stores made of light-gouge constructions lagged with sandwich panels or stainless steel sheets.


We construct prefabricated office buildings of any type: a supermarket, a shopping center, a shopping mall, a covered market, an outdoor concession stand made of sandwich panels, a shop.



We carry out the building works in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and throughout Russia.


We carry out both Discrete Works and prefabricated shopping center building on turnkey basis from metal fabrication to interior works.



Our services


Geological and surveying investigations.

Working out of design documentation.

Land clearing; substructure and utility communications construction.

Foundation work.

Execution of steel structures of framework in the shopfloor of LLC "Triumph".

Steel construction installation.

Enclosing structures installation, facing work, roofing system mounting.
Floor construction.
Installation of engineering services and low current systems.
Installation of windows, doors, gates.
Interior décor.
On-Site Improvements, coating with asphalt.





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Advantages of rapidly erected shopping centers


Minimum building and putting in operation time.

Statement of probable construction cost of a prefabricated building is much lower than the costs of a major construction building.

Short payback period.

Deep foundation is not required.

There are practically no area limitations.

Complete usage of inward extension .
Modification of buildings is possible.

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