Prefabricated buildings Ruukki


Architecture firm "Triumph" is the authorized dealer of the Finnish company Ruukki.


We build prefabricated buildings on the basis of Ruukki projects according to the nominal sizes of the customer.


Ruukki buildings are the full-fledged buildings based on typical light-gauge constructions.



We construct buildings Ruukki both in warm variant (sandwich panels or profiled flooring withwarmth-keeping lagging) and nonheated version (stainless steel sheet).


Quick erection Reliability and Safety Economic effectiveness


We construct buildings and make all building and construction works on turnkey basis through to the completion.


list of services


  1. Preparation of the ground for building and construction works.
  2. Foundation erection.
  3. Installation of metal frame of prefabricated building.
  4. Walling enclosures installation (sandwich panels, stainless steel sheets with mineral wool heat insulator and foiled cover shed and extra-strong fabric-reinforced).
  5. Roofing.
  6. Industrial floor pouring and asphalt laying.
  7. Engineering systems installation.
  8. Windows, gates, doors installation.
  9. Associated areas improvement.


We construct following types of buildings based on Ruukki generic solutions:


  • industrial buildings;
  • warehouses;
  • supermarkets;
  • covered markets;
  • automobile dealerships;
  • carwashes;
  • sports infrastructure;
  • agricultural buildings;
  • quickly erectable structures: airplane sheds, structural additions, car sheds.


Quickly erectable structures


1. Series Spider-B


Variants of buildings:

- single-bay width (6 m -21 m)

- multispan width (24,4 m - required value)


Application: minor industrial buildings, airplane sheds, breakdown trucks, warehouses, buildings of agricultural designation.


2. Series Kondor


Variants of buildings:

- single-bay width (18 m, 24 m, 30 m)

- multispan width (36 m, 48 m, 60 m)


Application: industrial buildings with an option to erect a crane, hammer brace, prefabricated warehouses, automobile dealerships, shopping centers.


3. Series Trasskon


Variants of buildings:

- single-bay and multispan width

- width of span (18 m, 24 m, 30 m, 36 m)


Application: large objects- logistics centers, shops, shopping centers.


Benefits of the cooperation with us


Our well-trained specialists have had plenty of experience in installing metal frames and erection of ironwork buildings.


We have been working in the field for more than 10 years

Any kind of building works

Our wage rate is lower than the average market price

Warrant for Discrete Works – 5 years

Construction works are done in the shortest time

Financial visibility

Advantages of the prefabricated buildings Ruukki


Pattern costs are much lower than the costs of special design.

Shortest period of installation (1-2 months).

Quickest possible putting into operation and return on investment.

Reduced-weight isolated footings or hard standings are used in construction, that makes the process more efficient.

Project design work is not required – all the buildings are far in advance engineered-only customer`s precise specification is needed.

Expensive heavy-lift equipment is not required for installation,and that gives financial benefit.

Framework is a bolted construction, welding works are not required.
Multiple make-up/take-down and transportability of the building.
Modification of the buildings is possible: finishing constructing, making wider, reducing the floor space.

Very high energy performance - building spaces have hot-performance energy-savings capabilities.

Life of the building – the building put up according to the technology are long in use.
State-of-the-art-type exterior.

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