Rapidly erected prefab buildings


LLC "Triumph" constructs prefab buildings based on container storage units made of steel constructions or sandwich panels.


Prefab building is a combination of dismountable or solid container storage units. The foundation of construction is a metal framing with sandwich panels or stainless steel sheet fitted on it. This can be a single-floor or multistoried building (not more than 3 floors).


Строительство быстровозводимого модульного здания Быстровозводимое модульное здание


We can construct prefab buildings for any purpose- makeshift barracks, shared households, eating-houses, checkpoints, office or administration buildings, prefab buildings for stores construction. Besides prefab buildings are perfect for the shift team camp construction.


LLC "Triumph" fulfills the full range of building works on a turnkey basis.





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We carry out the work in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and across the country.



Our services


Prefab building designing.

Clearing works and preparation for building.


Execution of steel structures of framework in the shopfloor of LLC "Triumph".

Metal frame installation.

Enclosing structures installation, facing work, roofing system mounting.

Installation of engineering services, lighting-conductor, fire-protection system.
Installation of windows, doors, etc.
Interior finishing works.
Landscaping and infrastructure development.





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Our specialists will make calculations for you absolutely gratis!




Benefits of prefab buildings


Minimum building time at any season.

Statement of probable construction cost of a prefabricated building is lower than the costs of a major construction building.

Economical efficiency – deep foundation is not required.

Relocation of buildings is possible – they can be pieced together or broken down, to get transported.

Structural flexibility – the building can be changed (modified) or be adapted to any needs.

Perfect thermal-insulating properties – they can be used even under conditions of the Extreme North` climate.

Long working life – 20 years and more.

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