Rapidly erected parking houses


LLC "Triumph" builds prefabricated parking house, car parking and covered parking on turnkey basis.


Prefabricated parking house construction is a metal frame encased with sandwich panels or stainless steel sheets.


Advantage of the technology is that construction is built very quickly and the costs are lower than the prices of capital construction projects building.


Our company builds prefabricated parking house, car parking, covered parking, fuel filling station, modular carwash of any size and complexity.



We carry out the work in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and across the country.


We build not only cool parking houses, but also warm parking houses (encased with sandwich panels).





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for 5 years.




Our company offers the full range of services; we construct project of parking houses on a turnkey basis and carry out the whole operating cycle from designing to completion.



Our services



Substructure and utility communications construction.

Foundation work.

Metal fabrication at our own production unit.

Metal frame installation.

Wall and roof cladding installation (sandwich panels or stainless steel sheets).

Flooring layout - floor pouring or coating with asphalt.
Installation of engineering services.
Installation of doors, gates, dividing walls and other elements.
Estate maintenance.





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Examples of performed works


Prefabricated parking house (encased with sandwich panels) building in Nizhny Novgorod region. (read more)




Advantages of prefabricated parking house


Economical efficiency - the price of prefabricated parking house construction is lower than the prices of capital construction projects building.

Quickest possible construction at any season.

Expensive foundation is not required - lightweight structures are enough.

The construction is as secure as capital construction projects.

Low delivery cost – the construction is made on-site.

Removal and installation at other places is possible.
Working life on the cheap – up to 50 years.

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