Construction of monolithic-type building envelopes


Reinforced concrete frames building is one of the specializations of the development and construction company "Triumph".


We have our own cast formwork, special-purpose machinery, skilled workmen, that is why we can offer the best prices.



We carry out the works in Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region; site visit in Moscow and other regions of the country is possible.





Please find below preliminary price for a cum (for pouring over the building envelope).





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Prices for monolithic-type building envelopes (only work)


Kind of work Price, Rub./m3
up to 20 m3 20-50 м3 50-100 м3 from 100 m3
concrete blinding 1400 1200 1100 1000
solid-cast reinforced concrete raft 3500 3000 2700 2500
solid-cast reinforced girder foundation, foundation frame, etc. 3700 3500 3300 3100
monolithic reinforced concrete walls 4500 4200 3900 3600
monolithic armoured concrete floor 4800 4500 4200 3900
solid-cast reinforced concrete columns 5700 5200 4700 4200



Prices for monolithic-type building envelopes (work + cast formwork)


Kind of work Price, Rub./m3
up to 20 m33 20 - 50 м3 50 - 100 м3 from 100 m3
concrete blinding 1500 1300 1200 1100
solid-cast reinforced concrete raft 3700 3200 2900 2700
solid-cast reinforced girder foundation, foundation frame, etc. 5900 5700 5500 5300
monolithic reinforced concrete walls 7100 6800 6500 6200
monolithic armoured concrete floor 6700 6400 6200 5900
solid-cast reinforced concrete columns 7500 7200 7000 6500


Precise valuation of works will make our specialist after the site visit.



Advantages of monolithic-type building envelopes


The highlights of the cast-in-situ construction technology is reinforced concrete frame erection, on which face and inside walls are mounted.


Long life of the structure - operational lifetime is more than 100 years.

Perfect mechanical strength characteristics (seismic hazard up to 10 grades).

Structural support of reinforced concrete frame does not have butt joints and weld seams; every storey supports its own load.

Building of 100-levels structures is possible.

The weight of load carrying structures is 40% less in comparison with the weight of brick-built, panel, solid-cast structures.

Expenditure of concrete and steel is several times less compared to cast-in-situ construction – it cuts costs for building and consequently has a direct impact on per square meter price.

There are no supporting walls; for walls construction reduced-weight building materials are used, which comply with the regulation requirements of heat-process engineering – it makes possible to reduce heating and conditioning costs in future.

Process flexibility in creating various deflected position makes it possible to diversify the variety of architectural proposals and to fit seamlessly into the landscape.

Short span of building time; finishing works and installation of communications on the lower floors can be carried out while the upper floors are just erected.

There are no large production capacities – frame and monolithic intermediate concrete slabs are erected direct on the construction site with the use of a demountable cast formwork.



Built-up concrete formworks


Our company carries out the construction of concrete formworks.


The unique feature of this construction method is that carrying frame is casted not on construction sites, it is produced at the factory and is installed on-site from 3 types of individual elements: intermediate concrete slabs, detached piers and prestressed longitudinal girders of various sections.


Our highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help, if you need to install a concrete formwork of an industrial building, a shopping center, an office building, a residence building.



Examples of works


Building of a reinforced concrete frame of a four-storeyed administration building in Nizhny Novgorod. learn more


Начало работ на объекте Монолитные работы на объекте Устройство внешних стеновых ограждений



Benefits of the cooperation with us


Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price.

Warranty for the work done – 3 years.

All workpeople are the citizen of the Russian Federation; the works are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance.

You do not have to pay to low level contractors – we have our own cast formwork, special-purpose machinery, skilled workmen.

LLC "Triumph" has an allowance to construction of monolithic-type building envelopes and other kinds of works.




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LLC "Triumph" has an allowance to monolithic construction and other kinds of works. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO (Certificate №BSS.RU.01.S000480).


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