Prefabricated coffee bars on turnkey basis


Rapidly erected construction is an erection procedure at which resource-intensive and time-consuming technologies are not required. Time is money. Commercial success of business depends on this parameter.


Building of prefabricated coffee bars on turnkey basis solves a part of organizational issues; it makes it possible to rechannel resources and spare time to other commercial purposes.



Construction process


A deep foundation is not needed for coffee bars construction. Fabricated structure has a light weight. It can be mounted on level ground even without a foundation in itself. The frame consists of metallic elements with bolt clamps. Welding and so called wet processes are not used in construction. The walls are joined with the use of structural insulating panels or stainless steel sheets depending on the structure characteristics.


Modular construction execution. Modular coffee bars on turnkey basis with a rapidly erected car wash is risen of prepared building blocks. Eventually a 3-levels building is constructed in the shortest amount of time possible.



Advantages of technology


Market growth of prefabricated building has created an all-purpose construction method. It has many undeniable advantages:


Financial gains - in terms of financing is the building expenditure enormously lower than it is by the other technologies.

Terms of installation. The structure is usually built within the period of 3 month depending on its design features.

Sway stability.

Dismantling, repair and transfer easiness; modular coffee bar doesn’t depend on location.

Natural and climatic factors don’t influence on the building period.

Design aesthetics- prefabricated coffee bars will side with the existing architectural plan of the town (city).

High rate of soundproofing and frost protection.

Long operational lifetime.



Our services


Our company has been working in the field of building for more than 10 years and has a great experience in it. We fulfill the full range of building activities, among them are:


Mounting/dismounting of constructions.

building of the frameless hangars and other structures on turnkey basis.

installation of engineering services.

landscape design.



Your benefits


Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price.

Warranty of quality – 5 years for certain types of service.

All workpeople are the citizen of the Russian Federation; the works are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance.

You do not pay the extra money to the low level contractor – the works are carried out by our workpeople with the use of our own special-purpose machinery.

LLC "Triumph" has the allowance to all building works; our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO.





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