Concrete floor dedusting


LLC "Triumph" does dedusting of industrial concrete floors. We carry out concrete floor dedusting at any commercial facility: industrial workshops, warehouses, hypermarkets, shopping centers.


We carry out works in Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region, Moscow and other regions of the country.




Dedusting technology


LLC "Triumph" carries out dedusting of industrial concrete floors by impregnation and impaction of surface. The utilized technology is cost-effective and is not time-consuming.


Other tasks are solved at the same time - industrial flooring becomes aesthetically acceptable and whole-coloured; draft-proofing takes place – it prevents pouring over the upper floors with water.


There is a strength enhancement also, whereby the coverage requires repair less often; cleaning up the floors is easy to do.



About us


Company employees will find the best way of concrete floor dedusting depending on customer needs: someone needs works under extremely temperatures (-30 Gr.), someone needs to process large areas; exterior view or efficiency are of great importance for the others.





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