Building of refrigerator warehouses


LLC "Triumph" constructs refrigerator warehouses project made of sandwich panels on turnkey basis.


We install both typical industrial cold-storage plants and cold-storage warehouses according to special design.



We carry out the building works in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and across the country.


minimum installation time price is 20-30% lower portability and possibility of modification


We offer building of refrigerator warehouses and cooling rooms on turnkey basis (from design development to equipment installation).



The prices


Average cost of a refrigerator warehouse per square meter:


The cost of a refrigerator warehouse building – from 10000 Rub/sq.m.


The cost doesn`t involve: equipment cost, delivery, engineering system cost – project is required for calculation.





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Our sevices


  1. Surveying- and site exploration.
  2. Cold-storage plant designing.
  3. Preparatory works.
  4. Metal fabrication at our own production unit.
  5. Laying of the foundation (pile foundation, girder foundation, post footing, foundation slab).
  6. Structural steel erection
  7. Enclosure of the walls installation - urethane-foam sandwich panels, dividing walls installation.
  8. Roof guardrails installation.
  9. Flooring installation.
  10. Installation of engineering services – electricity, water service, wastewater disposal system, perflation, heating.
  11. Refrigeration equipment installation.
  12. Refrigerator doors installation.





Fund of experience in the field of constructing prefabricated buildings let fulfill the works by favourable price!


own constructional ironworks

minimum building time

we have been working in the field of constructing for more than 10 years

all kinds of the general construction works are made on a turnkey basis

favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price

warranty of quality - 5 years for certain types of service



Stages of building


  1. Order.
  2. Preparation of commercial proposal, project documentation development, supply and installation, estimated cost, building time calculation.
  3. Design approval with the client, conclusion of a contract.
  4. Procurement of materials, execution of steel structures.
  5. Refrigerator warehouses building.
  6. Putting into operation with an acceptance committee; protocol of acceptance is made.





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Advantages of refrigerator warehouses made of sandwich panels


Quickest possible construction at any season (2-6 month).

Economical efficiency - the price of refrigerator warehouses made of light-gouge construction is 20-30 % lower than the building price of a brick-built or a reinforced-concrete structure.

Walling material is 200 times lighter than the weight of brick; thermal-insulating properties are 15 times better.

Delivery costs are 3 times less.

The use of a great number of lifting machines is not required.

Long working life – 50 years and more.
Removal and installation at other place is possible.
Installation at any season.

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