In-situ concreting


In-situ concreting is specialization profile of the construction company "Triumph"; we construct projects of raft foundations, multistoried reinforced-concrete buildings and constructions of any complexity.

Many years of experience in the area of cast-in-situ construction, competent technicians, own equipment ensure efficiency of Plain and Reinforced concrete works by moderate price.


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Our services


Raft foundation pouring - mat foundations, girder foundations, post footings etc;

Base concrete installation;

Installation of reinforced concrete frames of buildings;

Production of solid columns;

Pouring of in-situ concrete slabs and reinforced concrete floors;

Concrete industrial floor pouring;

In situ walls construction;

Low-rise housing construction - cast-in-situ construction of domestic buildings, cottages, terraced houses;

Monolithic construction of shopping centers, administrative and industrial facility, office blocks building;

High-rise development;

Building of concrete tanks.


Call us, if you need to carry out monolithic construction on a turnkey basis or Discrete Works in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow or another region of the country.





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Working costs


The costs of in-situ concreting depend on the following factors:


Execution of works conditions: hardness, tight working space, height etc.

Structural complexity and health risks

Quality of materials employed


Please find below preliminary price for in-situ concreting; precise valuation will calculate our head foreman after learning the details of the project.


Price for in-situ concreting



Prices for In-situ concreting (only work)


Kind of work Price, Rub./cum
less than 20 m3 20-50 m3 50-100 m3 more than 100 m3
Concrete blinding 1400 1200 1100 1000
Solid-cast reinforced concrete raft 3500 3000 2700 2500
Solid-cast reinforced girder foundation, foundation frame, etc. 3700 3500 3300 3100
Monolithic reinforced concrete walls 4500 4200 3900 3600
Monolithic armoured concrete floor 4800 4500 4200 3900
Solid-cast reinforced concrete columns 5700 5200 4700 4200
Construct 4600 4200 3800 3600



Prices for concrete works (work + timbering)


Kind of work Price, Rub./cum
less than 20 m3 20-50 m3 50-100 m3 more than 100 m3
Lean concrete 1500 1300 1200 1100
Solid-cast reinforced concrete raft 3700 3200 2900 2700
Solid-cast reinforced girder foundation, foundation frame, etc. 5900 5700 5500 5300
Monolithic reinforced concrete walls 7100 6800 6500 6200
Monolithic armoured concrete floor 6700 6400 6200 5900
Solid-cast reinforced concrete columns 7500 7200 7000 6500
Construct 6400 6200 6000 5800


Derived target price is calculated individual depending on conceptual design review and technical assignment for conduct of operations.





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We carry out in situ concrete works in several steps


Geodetic works (geo-tagging, setting out of axes);

Form work;


Reinforcement installation;

Concrete pouring against formworks;

Consolidation of concrete;

Formwork disassembling.



Advantages of cast-in-situ construction


Nominal step size of the structure is of little consequence; all elements in panel construction have size identical to a certain module;

There are no limits for the purposes of design considerations realization;

Monolithic buildings are lighter than brick buildings; wall thickness is much less;

Materials consumption of the foundation pouring is reduced by means of reduction in weight of the entire construction, so the foundation becomes cheaper;

Production turn-round of the monolithic building construction is carried to the construction site;

Monolithic construction is carried out according to a tried out scheme; building is fulfilled within the shortest possible period of time;

Qualitative execution of the in situ concrete works excludes wet-mix processes: walls and ceilings are ready for finishing works;

Work process of the monolithic construction becomes simpler if a concrete mixing station is installed direct on the construction site.


Construction company «Triumph» provides services in execution of situ concrete works in Nizhny Novgorod, in Nizhny Novgorod region, in Dzerzhinsk and Kstovo, in Moscow and in the other regions of Russia.



Examples of works


Construction of a four-storied building according to the monolithic construction technology in Nizhny Novgorod. more information



Начало работ на объекте Монолитные работы на объекте Устройство внешних стеновых ограждений



Building of a raft foundation of a private residence with a basement storey in Afonino, Nizhny Novgorod.


Заливка монолитной плиты фундамента Опалубка цоколя Готовый фундамент



Benefits of the cooperation with us


Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price;

Warranty for the performed work – 3 years;

All workpeople are the citizen of the Russian Federation; the works are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance;

We carry out not only home and townhouse village building on turnkey basis, but also Discrete Works;

Great experience - we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years.





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Quality guarantee


LLC «Triumph» has an allowance to In-situ concreting and other kinds of works, including assembly of construction metal structures. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO (Certificate №BSS.RU.01.S000480).


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