Stores made of sandwich panels


If you plan to build a store, you should turn attention to up-to-date modular conduits, which are much cheaper than the building of capital goods.


The construction of stores is based on a metal frame, it is brought to the building site practically in the assembled condition, that is why it`s installation is much simplified.



Stores made of sandwich panels has many advantages:


Extensive building and construction works are not needed for installation;

It can be installed without a warrant for ground work performance;

Empty spaces inside the sandwich panels are filled thick with a solid isolation material;

Building works do not require the foundation excavation

Installation duration is not more than 1 month.


Modular building can be made of one container storage unit or of several connected container storages depending on specialization of the shopping unit. Shop installation is carried out on preflattened areneceous or crushed stone layer 10-15 cm thick.





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Details of constructions made of sandwich panels:


Модульный магазин можно построить не только в один этаж под сплошной крышей, но и в два или даже в три этажа. В зависимости от вкусовых предпочтений заказчик может подобрать для себя уже подготовленный проект магазина или же заказать индивидуальный вариант конструкции.


Modular construction can have not only one level but also two or even three floors. The customer can choose a prepared project or order an individually tailored structural version depending on the preference. We will construct a prefabricated building at the best price having satisfied all the customers’ requirements. Metal structures fully prepared to installation will be delivered at the Notified Address. We are ready to carry out the installation of the store at any season.


We can design a heated modular shop and even a warehouse made of sandwich panels if it is necessary, which are fitted out with all up-to-date communications. Depending on the design features it can be equipped with doors, windows and roll shutter doors or sliding doors.

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