Grain depots building


LLC "Triumph" fulfills the full range of building and construction work including construction of objects of different purpose.


We offer design and construction services on turnkey basis according to state-of-the-art technology by making use of sandwich panels or stainless steel sheets.

High professionalism and a great practical experience let us work in the shortest term; the price policy of our company is available even to emergent entrepreneurs.


Light-gouge building construction has many essential advantages


ease of installation;

economical efficiency;

possibility of installation at any season;

long working life, aesthetic qualities of the buildings;

possibility of project construction of any size.


Prefabricated building structure is based on bolt mounted armature; deep foundation is not required. Light-gouge building construction is carried out within the period of 1,5-3 months, avoid the necessity for using heavy-duty special vehicles. This ensures that light-gouge building construction is paid back within a short time.



Reasons for cooperation with LLC "Triumph"


We value our reputation that is why we do our job in a quality manner. Major advantage of cooperation with us (according to our clients’ opinion) are:


1. Responsible attitude to work.

2. Efficiency and quality.

3. Full range of building works – from sports centers building to finishing work.

4. Flexible pricing policy and custom-tailored service.

5. Financial visibility.


Every client is given a free hand to order the building works (design/build, interior works and exterior finish) on turnkey basis due to the powerful capabilities of our company.

We offer to make use only of those services needed to carry out certain building and construction works. There is the warranty given for all performed services.

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