In situ walls construction


In situ walls construction is one of the specialization profiles of the development and construction company "Triumph".


We carry out building of the objects for any purpose - industrial buildings, residence buildings, office and administration buildings, shopping centers.


Возведение монолитных стен Устройство монолитных железобетонных стен


In situ walls is a good alternative to the brick because it is more strong and durable material; they are less unpredictable when it comes to the thermal conductivity.


A significant factor is the price of reinforced concrete walls – it is well below than the price of brick-built walls.


We carry out the works on term and in a quality manner in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and in other regions of the country.



The prices for in situ walls construction


We bring to your notice our prices for a cum of in situ walls pouring.


Kind of work Price, Rub./m3
less than m3 20-50 m3 50-100 m3 more than 100 m3
monolithic reinforced concrete wall (only work) 4500 4200 3900 3600
monolithic reinforced concrete wall (work + timbering) 7100 6800 6500 6200


The precise valuation of monolithic building construction will call our expert after getting acquainted with the project and performing necessary calculations.





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Stages of in situ walls construction


Our experts make reinforcement before starting carrying-out of work, set the formwork on the thermal covering of the foundation walls, sole plate or underground floor.

After that concrete is carried out; the achieved mixture will be tramped down with the use of a trembler.

When the mixture is fully dried out, cast formwork will be lifted up higher and concreted again.

One has to wait about 3 weeks till the concrete sets.

The walls may be optionally decked with the brickwork which possesses perfect thermal-insulating properties.



Benefits of the cooperation with us


Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price.

Great experience – we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years.

All kinds of works; we carry out not only in situ walls construction and concrete floor pouring, but also turn-key construction.

High quality of the works – they are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance, we have our own cast formwork, special-purpose machinery, skilled workmen. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards .

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