Raft foundations pouring


Building of foundations on turnkey basis is one of the activity areas of the construction company “Triumph”. We specialize in raft foundation construction of any type and complexity.



Our services:


Building of the monolithic foundation slabs.

Girder foundation pouring.

Production of pile-supported combined pile raft footings and girder foundations.

Socket-type foundation pouring.

Post footing production.


We carry out the works in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and in other regions of the country.





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Prices of foundation pouring


The price of raft foundation pouring depends on:


structure type of foundation;

materials employed;

need of special-purpose machinery usage.


We bring to your notice an approximate cost for a cum of foundation pouring.


Prices for foundation pouring (only work)


Kind of work Price, Rub./m3
less than 20 m3 20-50 m3 50-100 m3 more than 100 m3
Solid-cast reinforced concrete raft 3500 3000 2700 2500
Solid-cast reinforced girder foundation, foundation frame, etc. 3700 3500 3300 3100



Prices for foundation pouring (work + cast formwork)


Вид работы Price, Rub./m3
less than 20 m3 20 - 50 m3 50 - 100 m3 more than 100 m3
Solid-cast reinforced concrete raft 3700 3200 2900 2700
Solid-cast reinforced girder foundation, foundation frame, etc. 5900 5700 5500 5300


The precise valuation of foundation pouring will name our expert after getting acquainted with the project and performing necessary calculations.





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Stages of foundation building


Preparatory ground works.

Layout of a sand blanket or a foundation mattress.

Dampproofing. Dampproofing of a raft foundation is usually made in two-course overlay; it can also be provided by means of the water resistance of the construction.


Construction of formwork to further pouring of concrete.

Pouring of the concrete mix.

Hardening process of the concrete mix. The material gains maximum strength in 3-4 weeks.

Form construction demounting.



Advantages of the raft foundation


High strength and durability; it can resist the rapid temperature change in the ground and also the soil changeability.

All-purposeness - reinforced-concrete foundation may be mounted on any kind of the soil, including cumulose and weak soil.



Examples of works


Foundation plate pouring of a four-storeyed building in Nizhny Novgorod. more information




Raft foundation installation with a sole plate of a cottage in Afonino, Nizhny Novgorod.



Benefits of the cooperation with us


Great experience – we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years.

Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price.

High quality of the works – they are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance, we have our own cast formwork, special-purpose machinery, skilled workmen.

Warranty for the work done – 3 years.

All kinds of works in one place; we carry out not only foundation pouring, but also take on the construction of the whole building.





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Quality guarantee


LLC «Triumph» has an allowance to all kinds of In-situ concreting works. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO (Certificate №BSS.RU.01.S000480).


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