Concrete grinding


You have got to put into shape concrete floors, which produces dust and has splits? We recommend to carry out concrete grinding right before protecting it by applying polymeric coatings or impregnations.


We carry out concrete grinding of industrial and commercial facilities, workshops, warehouses, stores, shopping centers, car washes, parking areas, food production facilities, etc.


Шлифовка бетонного пола Бетонный пол на складе после шлифовки


We offer concrete grinding services in Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod region, Volga federal district, Moscow and in case of economic efficiency in other regions of Russia.



Functions of concrete grinding


Concrete grinding is carried out before protective covering or antiskid coatings pouring. Pouring of concrete is always carried out by concrete vibration; in the process of this cement slurry appears on the concrete surface – it must be removed before polymer layer coating. Top layer must be removed even if floors have been in operation.

For floor flattening. In such a case, levelcrete grinding is carried out to a depth of 1-3 mm. Another floor flattening types are used if inequalities are deep.

Concrete cleaning. Concrete grinding makes it possible to clean concrete surface of non-intrusive impurities and time-worn coverages.

Roman mosaic concrete floor installation. In such a case, troweling is made to a depth of bulking agent size.



There are two stages of concrete grinding works:


  1. Preliminary development phase is carried out with the use of hard grinding segments for the purpose of stone slicing.
  2. Finish polishing.



Advantages of cooperation with us


Construction company "Triumph" carries out the works in a quick and qualitative way. We have a great experience - we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years.


Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price.

The full range of works – all kind of works on a turnkey basis in one place.

Warranty for the performed work – 3 years.

Economic gain – we save your time and money by optimization of working phases and cost cut.

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