Roman mosaic floor


Architecture firm "Triumph" provides services on commercial Roman mosaic floor installation. Roman mosaic floor is concrete colored surfacing with various decorator fill materials (marble or granite chips, coloured glass sand, etc.)


We pour any kind of Roman mosaic floor


concrete Roman mosaic floor

polymer-cement floor

polymer-concrete Roman mosaic floor





Range of application


Terrazzo floor is a multiple purpose thing; Roman mosaic floor can be used anywhere:


at any industrial production

in warehouse complexes

at the enterprises of food-manufacturing industry; requirements for environmental friendliness of materials are very high there

in commerce spaces, exhibition spaces, hypermarkets, shopping centers, stores

in communal and administration buildings - station halls, airports, parking areas, restaurants, offices, etc.



Our services


Roman mosaic industrial floor pouring

Floor polishing

Roman mosaic floor renovation



Reasons for Roman mosaic industrial floor pouring


Perfect exterior. Such a design won`t have anyone else – everything depends on your wishes; terrazzo floor can be monolithic or decorated with designs, separated into individual elements, etc.

Longevity. Even in the crowded places, where wearing-off of any material cannot be avoided, Roman mosaic industrial floor hold down their decorative effect. Anything you put into Roman mosaic floor (ornamental design, corporate identity, etc.) will be kept for years to come. Terrazzo floor is a real catch for public spaces, such as airports, restaurants, shopping centers or presence chambers.

Perfect wearproof and anticorrosion properties. Extra strong concrete formulas and a variety of chemical formulas to produce Roman mosaic floors have been created by scientific research centers in the last ten years.

Floors with topping may take high polish. Such a surface looks very solid beneath the tread.

Roman mosaic floor is cheaper, does not have a harmful influence on human organism and surrounding environment and look perfect.



Stages of Roman mosaic floor installation


  1. Concrete base preparations – it is cleaned out and dedusting is performed.
  2. Installation of battens.
  3. Finishing of foundation with an adhesion stuff.
  4. Terrazzo concrete is prepared, poured and levelled.
  5. After hardening process is over, it becomes polished and takes high polish.
  6. Polished surface is finished with a protective substance.



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Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price

All kind of works on a turnkey basis

Warranty for the performed work – 3 years





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