Cattle farms building

Animal farming is a complex industrial process; it`s successful advance depends on several factors. The main of them is the cattle farms building being the major element of the material and technical basis. Prefabricated cowsheds, hog farms and poultry-houses make it possible to proceed to business within the shortest possible period of time, allows not to waste time having to do with building works.

Cowshed building is carried out based on the framework made of light-gouge construction; sandwich panels are bolted to it. Such a building is comfortable enough for great cattle keeping and guaranty suitable conditions for livestock management. The price of a cowsheds building made of light-gouge construction is lower than the prices of construction with a deep foundation.

Variants of construction of stock breeding complexes:

hog farms



rabbit farms

dairy farm

Livestock management hygienic standards have to be followed. Dairy farm building involves creation of apart zones for keeping cows, goats and sheep. At the same time poultry-house building needs creation of apart zones for keeping different kinds of the domestic fowl.

Advantages of light-gouge construction:

1. The building of a deep foundation is not required, which makes it possible to save money, power and time. It takes only a few months for building a cowshed on turnkey basis. Working men build a ready for operation construction during this period (on the place where a field has been). The only one needs is to install equipment and get animals.

2. Another advantage is the price. Not many construction materials are used, that is why it is possible to save money on the wholesale buying by one supply organization. There is no need to found; it can cost more expensive than the whole building.

3. Transportability. Prefabricated grain depot or cowshed building can be easily demounted to the root within a few days, loaded into the car and taken away. It can be remounted at another place and is ready for operation again. This is a very useful characteristic, because no one knows what can happen in life.

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