Building of swimming pools on turnkey basis


Building of concrete tanks in Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region is one of our company profiles.


We offer services of building of swimming pools on turnkey basis - pool deck pouring, engineering equipment, ornamental finishing.



If you have decided to build a swimming pool, you will be faced with an array of problems. The tasks can seem very difficult at first sight – our experienced specialists will go all the way with you from the choice of the swimming pool type (overflow pool or skimmer pool), creating an engineering project to partial occupancy.





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What does the building of swimming pools depend on?


On the type of swimming pool (overflow pool or skimmer pool). The first variant is more complicated to build - concrete pool deck has trough for overflow along the edges, of which displaced water runs into an overflow tank. It is situated lower that the pool deck. Demersal atomizers of supply of running water mixes water sheets more intensively. But the building of such a concrete tank is 10-15% more costly.


Drainage size. It should be understood, that a solid-cast swimming pool serves for many years. Concrete pouring is carried out in one stage; if there are a considerable amount of work, at once several crews are put on the job.


Pool deck design. Pouring of concrete tanks of complicated configuration demands a complicated formwork.


We can help to cut down expenses, we have been working in this field for many years, have our own working men, strong links with materialmen, that is why our prices are affordable.





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Building of concrete tanks


There are slew of proposals of medites in recent decades on the market. They are more cost-effective, but concrete tanks will be longer in use (if they pass the State All-Union standards and Construction Norms & Regulations.


Development and construction company "Triumph" has all required work permits. Our operational experience is in keeping with the biggest challenges, which can be set by customer.


You need only to think over your demands and proposals and you will get a conceptual design, an approximate cost sheet, after that the period of execution of works will be set.



Examples of works


Building of a concrete tank on turnkey basis at the site of a private residence in Nizhny Novgorod region.




Concrete pool deck pouring and finishing and furnishing of a swimming pool in the underground floor of a private residence building in Nizhny Novgorod.




Benefits of the cooperation with us


Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price.

Warranty for concrete works – 3 years.

Qualitative result – all workpeople are the citizen of the Russian Federation; the works are carried out under a qualified head foremen guidance.

You do not have to pay to low level contractors – we have our own cast formwork, special-purpose machinery, skilled workmen.





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