Industrial flooring renovation


LLC "Triumph" provides repair services; we repair industrial flooring at any kind of object - processing departments, warehouses, commerce spaces.


We carry out renovation of any floor type:


renovation of concrete floors

renovation of resin flooring

renovation of self-leveling floors

renovation of Roman mosaic floors



We will eliminate all types of blemish (pot holes, cavities, splits, dust formation), will bring back surface appearance in a quick and qualitative way.


We offer floor renovation services in Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod region, Moscow and in case of economic efficiency in other regions of Russia.





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Our services


elimination of all types of blemish - pot holes, cavities, splits, dust formation

crack bridging

changing of floor cement screed and foundation

floor cement screed and floor covering dismantling

floor flattening

grinding of a surface

floor dedusting

re-building of decoratory surface appearance


Renovation of industrial flooring surface may be carried out with the use of blended cements or polymeric compositions. We perform works not only on new, but also on time-worn surfaces, concrete floors, cement screeds, Roman mosaic floors.


In case there are significant injuries (height discontinuity, pinholes, peelings), it is economically reasonable to replace the coverage.


What do the industrial flooring renovation costs depend on?


condition of surface

type of materials employed

operating conditions





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Working phases of floor renovation


  1. surface preparation – it must be clean and dry
  2. if there is industrial flooring renovation with full replacement, time-worn covering is fully removed from the concrete base
  3. small inequalities are removed with the use of a grinding machine
  4. big uneven surfaces and time-worn coverage are removed on the basis of floor shaping
  5. split pointing up; then the splits are pressurized with the use of special repair compositions
  6. grinding of a surface
  7. cleaning and dedusting a surface
  8. concrete surface is coated by special impregnation in single or two-course overlay
  9. filling and application of top coat



Advantages of cooperation with us


Great experience – we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years

All kind of works on a turnkey basis in one place

Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price

Warranty for the performed work – 3 years





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