Frameless arched hangars


LLC "Triumph" builds frameless arched hangars on a turnkey basis.


Frameless arched hangar is a structural shapes construction formed out of galvanized sheet steel on-site. Structural shape is the high-lift profile, that is why the framework is not required.


Frameless arched hangar is a large area at favorable price.



We carry out the work in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and across the country.


We build not only cold constructions, but also warm hangars (thermal insulation - polyurethane foam or slag wool).





Frameless arched hangar fabrication and assembly with a foundation, abutting ends, an end-type hinged gate.


*The price includes goods and installation; delivery of materials and equipping, crane lease is counted separately

2100 – 2600 RUB per sq.m.
Heat insulation of building constructions
Sputtering polyurethane foam 1 centimeter thick 145 RUB per sq.m.
making coldproof with the cellular polyethylene 450 RUB per sq.m.
Industrial flooring
concrete floor (100 mm thick) with additional reinforcement 1050 RUB per sq.m.
Supplemental windows, gates, false walls
end-type hinged gate (4x4 m) 50 000 RUB.
side hinged gate (4x4 m) 100 000 RUB.
end-type slide gate (4x4 m) 90 000 RUB.
false walls (height 4 m) 7 000 RUB./rm
polycarbonate end-type windows 1 500 RUB per sq.m.





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Our services


Project documentation development.

Site preparation for building works.

Foundation work.

Metal fabrication at our own production unit.

Installation of metal arched profiles.

Warmth-keeping lagging and waterproofing finishing installation.

Industrial flooring installation.
Installation of doors, gates, dividing walls and other elements.
Installation of engineering services.
Estate maintenance .


We build frameless arched hangars for any purpose: warehouse, car shed for specialty vehicles or cars; farmer building- prefabricated cow shed, grain storage, hoghouse, poultry building, vegetable store cellar, production department; car-care center; sports venue, store, pavilion, market.





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Advantages of frameless arched hangars


Quickest possible construction at any season.

Economical efficiency - the price of frameless hangars is lower than the building price of frame structure.

Expensive foundation is not required - lightweight structures are enough.

Removal and installation at other place is possible.

Low delivery cost – the construction is made on-site.

Short payback period.

Low maintenance charges.

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