LLC "Triumph" provides services in levelcrete installation in commercial facilities, industrial occupancy, warehouses, stores, supermarkets, hangars, etc.


We go about levelcrete installation and repair in professional way and know the way to obtain an absolute durable coating.


Бетонная стяжка промышленного пола Заливка стяжки бетонного пола


Levelcrete installation is a necessary stage of the industrial engineering. The floor of a warehouse or an industrial space must be solid and reliable, because an intensive activity takes place there.



Functions of levelcrete


Multiple tasks are solved by levelcrete installation:


creation of the desired surface level (in the ratio vertical/horizontal)

development of strength of engineering structures and foundation

thermal covering and water isolation providing


Levelcrete is most commonly used for the future finishing - for polymeric coating application or flooring with topping.



The prices


Please find below our price-list for levelcrete installation:


Price-list for levelcrete


Precise valuation of levelcrete installation will calculate our specialist after learning technical requirements.



The way we work


While performing the jobs we use powerful equipment and special pouring methods, carry out high-quality reinforcement and polish grind, which allows to obtain first-class smoothness and resistibility at the level of the monolith.


Levelcrete installation is performed specified under customer adaptation according to performance features of spaces, that is the pricing policy individually formed.





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