Crush barriers and movable fences

LLC Triumph provides services in crush barriers (movable fences) production for entertaining industry. Movable fences are widely used when public events organization for public zone protection; for stream of people arrangement in the open, etc.


We offer own-produced crush barriers; these are light solid metallic enclosures made of steel tubes with anticorrosion treatment. Every section of a movable fence is a hooked frame with a loose strap at side faces; if several sections are connected in line, it is impossible to separate them without turning one of the sections of a crush barrier.





Advantages of cooperation with us


Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price. Own production allows for low individual price for finished products, so you do not have to overpay to contracting office

Outstanding reliability. Our crush barriers are used at the most important crowded public events and festivals.

Individualized approach. Branding of movable fences is possible, and also establishment of Your company logotype in order of size accordingly to Your order.



Specification data in the standard design


section size is 2500х1100 mm

crush barrier foundation is made of a steel tube

steel tube diameter is 40 mm

diameter of a stack is 16 mm

number of stacks is 19

coverage: powdered color or zinc plating

connection type - sideband interlock

weight of one section is 19 kg




Advanced features


production of reduced-weight section is possible (reduced tube diameter and number of sections)

branding of movable fences (establishment of company logotype)

optional colouring



Prices for crush barriers


Cost of normal sized manufacturing is 3500 Rub. per 1 section (2500х1100 mm). Production in customer’s size is possible. The price may be specified by the phone 8-800-333-10-18.



Crush barriers rent


You may make use of crush barriers rent service for the duration of a public event. Rental cost of a crush barrier section is 150 Rub. per day.


Стоимость аренды 1 секции фан барьера составляет 150 рублей в сутки.




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