Demolition of bridges


Demolition of bridges is one of specializations of the construction company «Triumph». We have all required operating facilities and equipment for demolition of bridges of any complexity.



Our services


Demolition of reinforced bridges;

Demolition of iron bridges;

Demolition of timber trestle bridges;

Demolition of grade-crossing-elimination structures.



Initial cost is calculated based on the following data


Details of construction and its dimension;

Material type the bridge is made of;

Availability of bypass routes;

Size of the space, which can be used in the course of demolition works;

Required time frame.


You will learn the precise valuation of the works after site visit of our specialist and performing engineering analysis.





Are you need a precise cost sheet?

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Removal procedure


The work starts with site visit and selecting the required equipment.


Built-up structure will be taken to pieces. mechanical method is usually used;

Demolition of steelwork is a high demand task, technique is used with the assistance of special-purpose machinery;

Solid-cast bridge will be demounted by means of detonation;

Wood bridges are the easiest to demount. Generally, they have a low carrying force, the works are carried out with minimal effort;

The work with stone bridges requires a test for presence of reinforced concrete elements. one or another method will be chosen depending on availability or lack of these elements;

Demolition of bridges over the river demands proper circumspection – it is necessary to prevent intrusion of constructional materials and garbage into the water, because it can do harm to environment.





Free site visit of the head foreman;

Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price;

Qualitative result - all workpeople are the citizen of the Russian Federation; the works are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance;

Great experience - we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years;

We carry out the full range of demolition works in the shortest possible time.






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Quality guarantee


LLC «Triumph» has an allowance to demolition works of all types of constructions, ibcluding dismantling of traffic-bearing surface. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO (Certificate №BSS.RU.01.S000480).


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