Abandonment and suspension of spoil areas


Construction company «Triumph» carries out dissolution of industrial spoil areas and junkyards; safeguard of environment is kept. We usually have to do with the spoil areas that take immense territories.



Ecofriendly method


We make use of an up-to-date and ecofriendly method of dissolution of spoil areas - waste treatment on the place of storage.


The advantages of the method are:


Simplification and reduction of prices compared to routine methods;

Prevention of environmental pollution;

Territory recirculation.


The garbage is not brought outside the territory, which makes it possible to talk of environmental friendliness of our method of dissolution of spoil areas.



Stage of working


During the opening phase we investigate the territory; then the abandonment plan is worked out, time frame is figured out.


Dissolution of spoil areas is carried out in several steps:


Clearing of the territory from garbage;

Excavation on the cleared territory; topsoil and mineral ground are poured separate on the roadside;

Getting the barrier material by means of mixing of mineral ground with the special disinfecting insulators;

Laying of capping material on the excavation bottom;

Layer by layer filling of the trench with the demolition waste interchangeably with the barrier material;

Well suspension with the use of barrier material;

Overburden covering;

Sod-forming grasses sowing.


Territory remediation may be carried out in future; it can be used as farming land.





Free site visit of the head foreman;

Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price;

All workpeople are the citizen of the Russian Federation; the demolition works are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance;

We have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years and carry out the full range of demolition works – from demolition of domestic buildings to demolition of plants.





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