Earth works


Earth works is the required step of building construction of any purpose - whether that is a warehouse or a shopping center. Durability and life duration of the building depends on work performance quality of this stage of building. That is why it has to be carried out by well-versed specialists with modern construction machinery.



Performance of earthworks is one of the lines of work of the construction company "Triumph". We enter upon the projects of complexity and frame - both trench work for pipe laying and site improvements.



Our services


Excavation of pit for foundation

ditch digging for cable - and pipe laying

artificial excavation

hand excavation

vertical land levelling

soil survey

removal and recycling of wastes

soil bedding layout

earth compacting with the ballast stone

topsoil stripping

refilling of trenches

delivery of generous soil, ballast stone, sand

soil restoration

building and cleaning up of storage of water


LLC "Triumph" carries out the earth works at any season; we use both artificial excavation and hand excavation, which makes it possible to add value and provide consistent high quality of works.




The prices


The price of the earth works depends on:


dimensions of excavation

soil quality at the site

necessity of involvement with specialized machinery

existence of disposal area, location area, work complexity


We carry out the works in Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region; site visit in Moscow and other regions of the country is possible.




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Great experience – we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years.

Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price.

The full range of works; we fulfill all kinds of works at the high-class professional level.

The works are carried out in the shortest possible time.

Qualitative result – checking the quality of the work at each stage and process optimization let us carry out the works at a high level.

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