Building of storages of water


Building of storages of water is nowadays in great request by our fellow citizens. The territory of accommodation units, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers can be improved by means of storages of water.



Advantages of impoundments


Skillfully engineered impoundment will feed in to any landscape. It can deepen the general impression created by architectural ensemble and can harmonize with the manner of the section designing.


Layout of artificial lakes begins with the definition of the form, location, intended use. Water quality matters which one plans to use. Individual attention is paid to the high lighting, because special lighting is needed for various types of artificial lakes.



Characteristics and functions of artificial lakes


It is matter of course, that artificial lakes differ fundamentally from domestic water supply. The issues surrounding design and construction can be solved in professional way by our specialists, who deal with the layout of artificial lakes. We will draw a special plan, stabilize the shorts, carry out the On-Site Improvements.


The impoundments are divisible into following types according to their intended use:


decorative impoundments

impoundments designed for fish breeding

fire suppression impoundments

impoundments of reagent- and industrial-purpose


The building of impoundments is not only earthwork operations and building up a storage tank inflated with water; it is a specifically developed package of measures oriented to provide the continuous delivery of water.


Cutting-edge technologies and high-performance equipment are used in the process of geological-survey and building works.


The key factor of mix of different materials, which are used in designing of environment, is the full compliance of surface finishes, colors, style. Complying with this rule will make an impoundment be reminiscent of a natural reservoir and make it a part of the ecological system.

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