We let for rent own advertising structures


Exterior advertising is the appropriate way of product or service promotion.


The streets of our town are overfilled with the advertising, which is situated in the horizontal plane; sometimes advertising mediums are enclosed by each other. An advertising medium should be extensive and be placed higher than other advertising objects to cut through the clutter of it.


Fire-division wall is the biggest advertising medium, and Rooftop Construction of an advertising object will help to be on the high horse.


Development and construction company “Triumph” is the owner of large-format advertising structures, which are situated at address: Nizhny Novgorod, Sormovskij district, Torfianaia – Str., 30.


The district with many large plants, medium-sized and small enterprises which are on the rise in the areas of mechanical engineering, ferrous metal - and nonferrous-metals industry, petroleum derivatives, electronic equipment, etc.


Development and construction company "Triumph" is a multibusiness company, so we can offer services of exterior advertising accommodation.



Our surfaces


 Firewall panel 117,5x20,15 m  Rooftop Construction 54,35x3 m


Firewall panel – 2 surfaces of 58x20,15 m Firewall panel – 3 surfaces of 39x20,15 m


Rooftop Construction – 9 surfaces of 6x3 m (shields 3x6)  



Lay out of advertising structures



Lay out of advertising structures Nizhny Novgorod, Torfyanaya – Str., 30



Advantages of exterior advertising:


  • intended coverage
  • unobtrusiveness
  • low cost per contact


Exterior advertising must:


  • catch an eye frequently
  • draw attention
  • be brief
  • be easy-to-read a-going
  • be understandable



Use our surfaces, because of:


  1. Advertising target. You can appeal to large business owners and their business partners, directors, professional staff members, office workers, to customers of enterprises, which are next door to advertising structures.
  2. Price we offer. We are owners of the advertising structures, that is why we can offer the best price for rent and the most honest business terms and conditions.
  3. Everything is lawfully. Advertising structures have an adjusted license; it warrants accommodation for the whole planned period.
  4. Control. Day-to-day control of technical condition of advertising structures; company office is situated at the same address.
  5. Well-timed photo documentation and paperflow.



Some specifics


Traffic flow is more than 15000 cars daily; it means that there are at least 450000 visual consumptions with the advertising surfaces inside a month; during rush hours there are gridlocks on this site of the road.


Plants which are situated next door to our advertising structures:



• automobile plant «Чайка-Сервис» • Zaitsev business center (62 offices)
• RIDA Sormovskij armoured car plant • administration building, Konovalova – Str., 6 (46 offices)
• Автотрейдинг transportation and shipping company • Distribution centers (food, construction materials)
• transportation corporation Спасибо.ру • manufacturing company Авангард
• Лидер Дорог transportation and shipping company • Гарантия СК manufacturing company
• Директ - transportation and shipping company • Эст-НН research and production company
• Логопром logistics company • Зебра-НН manufacturing company
• DAF freight office • LLC “Мир упаковки” production company
• Motor shop • Профиль-НН installation company
• Сура-авто autocenter • Донас merchant company
• Кузов Плюс car-care center • СтройКон trade company
• Редуктор production company • Блиц multi-utility company
• Авто Р autocenter, motor oils, chemicals • Рип-НН typesetting company
• LLC “Конти-Плюс” transportation corporation • LLC “Печатный двор” printing services
• LUKOIL fuel filling station • Экспресс typesetting company
• Gazprom fuel filling station • СофтСервис НН information processing technology center
• Fresh 24 carwash • Мид ship driver training center
• transhipping complex Регион oil-products • Технопрект-НН design company
• Incorporated bus-type company • НижегородПроектСтрой engineering company
• Рустрак trade company • close company Медсинтезпроект
• transportation department “Терминал” • Металлоптторг
• public transport enterprise Саакян Г.А. • МеталлТрансИнвест trade company
• Транс-Сигнал manufacturing company • МеталлЭксперт trade company
• ЗКПД-4 (large-panel house building plant) • Tech KREP fixing arrangements
• Plant «Электромаш» • SOKROF roof coating
• silicate plant №1 • Bravo interior doors
• Thermometer plant, wholesale company • and many other…



Creative potential of the company employees is inexhaustible, that is why we will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved and will steadily amaze you with our possibilities!

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