Cottage renovation


It is more advantageous to buy a disrepair country house; in this case variation in prices will be increasingly strident. Interior décor of the cottage will be performed in compliance to customer adaptation after consummation of a deal.


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Where to start?


First of all, one should come up with the quantity of work and mark top-priority goals. Complete repair of a cottage on turnkey basis can include the full range of works necessary to carry out primarily:


Demounting of needless dividing walls

Replacement of windows and doors

Renewal of communication lines

Concrete floor pouring

Electrical works

Architectural replanning

Replacement or production of staircases


All the works will be performed according to schedule, in as short a time as possible, strict conformity with design project. Making renovations of a cottage one should remember about facade finish, fencing building and provision of the necessary facilities on site. Exterior and interior finishing may be performed simultaneously; this can reduce the total repair time; the price will be unchanged.




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Interior works


After putting engineering constructions in order you may start interior design creation. Any finishing on turnkey basis is based on customer preferences and experienced designer advice.


Total look creation is an essential component of the interior appearance. Interior décor level can be economy or exclusive class. Cost of finishing depends on materials and terms required for work to be done.



Prices for cottage renovation


Cost of repair is counted individually in every particular case - price of material is of considerable importance, requirements for room design, work complexity.


We can give middle price of renovation per a sq.m. for information:


The price of cottage renovation on turnkey basis – 6500 rub. /sq.m.


This includes the full range of finishing works: ceilings, floors, walls, paving tile. Electric installation of engineering system, conditioning system and ventilating system is counted separately.


The precise cost sheet of renovation will make our head foreman after learning Your requests and design project.




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Positive responses attest to the fact that the customers have remained satisfied and are grateful to us, because the cost of the top-quality fitting of a cottage on a turnkey basis is just a bit more expensive, than the routine maintenance. The precise valuation of the interior décor will calculate our head foreman after learning technical requirements or design project.

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