Тампонаж скважин


Backfill is an inescapable complex of labor-intensive and complicated works oriented to the total well abandonment in case of impossibility of repair operation performance.


LLC "Triumph" carries out plugging of the well complying with a rule technical regulation, guarantees top-class execution of highly skilled work. We strive to get the best possible results. Our aim is to do geological-survey works at a very high level.


Our lead qualification specialists do abandonment of holes in the following circumstances:


1. If the well is below sanitary norms, hygienic standards and technology based standards.

2. If there is loss of pressurization of the pipeline; if the filtration unit is broken.

3. Remedial maintenance is inefficient because of state of failure or runout operational lifetime.

4. The well was drilled solely for the purpose of finding out the characteristics of water-bearing layer.



Our services


There is a list of early and main and works on backfill; they are carried out by experienced specialists with the use of high-technology equipment.


We carry out the following activities on abandonment of holes:


exploratory survey of the well, geodetic works

preparation for use of drilling machine

assembly and disassembly

well-point relaxation and removal of foreign particles

disinfection and well cleanout

infilling of the well to the level of the filter with the sand or rounded aggregate

pumping of blended cements

digging of exploratory shaft, blinding and digging-in

leveling after well abandonment works



Costs of plugging of the well


Costs of plugging of the well depend on:


type of a well and its structural complexity

quantity of work

range of geophysical investigations

well depth

diameter of housing pipe


We will carry out the works on sinking of bore hole, plugging of the well, abandonment of water well and artesian borehole in accordance with Approval Documentation exactly within the specified time limits.

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