Sinking of bore holes in Nizhny Novgorod region


The owners of country houses sometimes encounter a problem of a poor income of water on the plot of land that is much-needed for personal consumption and for planted vegetation irrigation. Because of this, sinking of bore holes in Nizhny Novgorod region is regarded as one of important stages of space planning. Sinking of bore holes’ costs are currently most palatable for everyone who aims to do the own living in the countryside comfortable.


In the event that water fails to meet the requirements of clean standards, and its chemical formula is unfit for usage, it is necessary to order the sinking of bore holes; price of services for this purpose does not have a decisive importance, because the main purpose in this matter is the providing of an unfailing income of water into the house.





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How much is the sinking of bore holes?


Cost of sinking of bore holes in Kstovo and in other towns is comprised of whole list of works with the costs on an individual basis. The ultimate price is comprised of diameter of wellbore casing, well structure, well depth. By assessment of costs we obligatorily take into account every requirement of the customer and also geological features.


Cost of sinking of bore holes on turnkey basis involves:


engineer's/technician's visit

site exploration at a section

passage of all required machines to the site and incorporated equipment installation

conduct of operations in well site construction

hole washing for the purpose of getting visually clear water





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Well-sinking in Arzamas involves the use of special equipment, by doing so the process can take about fortnight; it should be also noted that in case of rare usage of the well it can die on feet because of accumulated plug.


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