Ремонт скважин


LLC "Triumph" specializes in conducting of operations of well servicing (1000 m deep) for years. We offer the full range of services and the perfect quality.


The main characteristic of our company is the responsible attitude to work; we possess all necessary permits, licenses and authorizations to perform works; we perform repair of water wells professionally and make any engineering and geological research.


We carry out renovation works in stages:


1. Technical assistance

2. Test operation of the well: current status interrogation

3. Preparation of the needed equipment and materials

4. Well servicing



Our services


LLC "Triumph" offers the full range of repair services and well reworking. Depending problems which may arise the specialists give advice of renovation works, technology and means. Every type of repair is carried out through the use of special purpose tools and tailored materials.


We offer the following types of repair services:


well-workover operation

reconditioning of well

artesian boreholes repair


Our specialists carry out workover operations as:


accident response and recovery

insulation work

well decommissioning or plugging of the well

geotechnical or surveying research

well reworking

bridge plugs installation


Reconditioning of well service involves:


routine asset replacement: detached piers, pumps, vertical conveyors

well stimulation elimination work

package of services in well testing


Artesian boreholes reworking and renovation works are carried out as:


integrated geophysics

packer releasing of a detached pier elimination

detached pier change

well cleanout



Costs of renovation works


Costs of renovation works depend on:


type of a well and its structural complexity

defect mode which is in need of repair

duration of work

materials employed


Our specialist will name the accurate price of the well workover after design specification examination and site visit.

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