Groundcare is the package of measures implementation at the client`s section. The package of measures lists planting with trees, topography arrangement, making artificial reservoirs, drainage installations etc.


Range of work depends not only on customer preferences, but also on features of the area. Nature of soil, terrain and ground water level must be considered in the exercise Nizhny Novgorod. This is of immense complexity to plan and bring to realization all elements of landscape design independently. Skilled practitioners see some important aspects which sometimes cannot be detected by the customer himself.


There are only highly-skilled professionals in our company and it provides not only proper brainchild but also life duration of all design elements.



What does groundcare enclose?


LLC "Triumph" carries out all kinds of urban improvement works starting with small designer's objects finishing with design & implementation of high-profile projects.


Landscape design is the most important phase in process. The customer can provide insight into eventual outcome and plan out the budget as part of the project.


While the project is developing emphasis on wealth of detail is made and types of proposed works is specified. The main among them are the following:


pitched work and selection of material. It depends on loading conditions and natural elements

drainage installation and storm water drain designing. The due attention is not paid to this important aspect. Functionality and wear-life of all the others design details depend on these systems

landscape and shade gardening. It is oriented to external appearance creation of home unit and of adjacent land area. It is fulfilled with account of specific combining ability of plants.

ornamental basins development

lighting system engineering. It helps to zone the space and separate necessary items, complete general stylistics of the area



Advantages of our company


LLC Triumph is certificated for implementation of all kinds of the work at capital construction projects (dismantling, landscape and shade gardening etc.)

flexible pricing policy; working costs are lower than in this segment taken as a whole

project installation of any complexity on a turnkey basis

financial visibility – information about application is available to the customer at any phase of working process

dozens of completed projects

operational experience – we have been working for more than 10 years in the construction services market

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