Construction of the 3000 square meters warehouse complex in Nizhny Novgorod

start 09/10/2012
ending 07/12/2013


Construction of the 3000 square meters warehouse complex in Nizhny Novgorod


Construction of the 3000 square meters prefabricated warehouse complex "turnkey" area in Nizhny Novgorod.


We performed a full complex of construction works:


1. Dismantling of the old concrete frame of plant housing.


2. Grounds maintenance and garbage disposal. Our specialists performed initial site preparation for construction after dismantling.


3. Earthworks. We have dug the foundation pit and the trenches for engineering communications, have performed the ground alignment and delivery of crushed stone and sand.


4. Construction of monolithic foundation. We conducted preparatory work and pouring of foundations with concrete. The onset of cold weather didn't become an obstacle to construction: construction was carried out in winter, with use of electrowarming technology, thermo mats, plasticizers and special concrete additives.


5. Fabrication of metal construction. Warehouse metal frame was fabricated by Triumph company plant.


6. Installation of steel structures. Our specialists have mounted the warehouse metal frame.


7. Installation of engineering communications and networks. We performed an installation of engineering communications, electrical wiring, grounding, lightning rod.


8. Warehouse external and internal decoration. Exterior walls were sheathed with trapezoidal sheet, roof was mounted, interior decoration was performed, firewalls were built. We have installed the windows, the doors and the gates in the warehouse.


9. Asphalting and landscaping of the warehouse territory. We built the asphalt pavement in the warehouse building. We performed the work on asphalting of the adjacent territory, installation of the curbs, the storm sewer device system and the drainage.



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