Demolition of oil and gas facilities


LLC «Triumph» has an allowance to demolition of oil and gas facilities. We demount technological constructions of oil-and-gas industry immediately.



Our services


Demount of petroleum tank farms and oil refineries

Demount of oil pipe-lines

Demount of gas pipe lines and gas-filling works

Demount of storage tanks, storage facilities of gas liquids

Taking apart metalwork, demolition of permanent works, plants, workshops

Demount of chimney necks and boiler houses

Demolition of fuel filling stations, automatic gas refueling station

Demolition of oil-rigs

Oil and gas wells suspension

Construction wastes removal and recycling





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Stages of working


Preparation step. We conclude a contract with the customer, where all details are noted down up to construction wastes removal and recycling. At this stage we make the reconciliation with regulatory authorities. It is necessary because one has to find a place for polluted constructions removal.

Primary demounting. At first we demount the light-gouge constructions, enclosures. Large train of machines let us conduct operations of any complexity. We can remove any range amount of construction waste.

Demolition of large objects. We have advanced equipment, so we are able to demount reinforced concrete and brick-built permanent structures of any type, including embedded raft foundations.

Demolition of specific facility. Oil and gas complex specific facility demands a separate approach because of its high fire hazards and explosion risk. The most dangerous objects in this view are gas- and petroleum pipelines, storage facility of gas liquids. Part of the work is done in manual way to prevent the escape of injurious substances. Gas- and petroleum pipelines, storage facility are cleaned of deposition of paraffin with the help of scrubbers or splitters-it reduces dispersal of tail inflammable gases. We carry out demolition of bit assemblies and associated installations by use of lifts or erection towers. Our specialists carry out well suspension also.

Remediation of worksite. This is the final stage of works; we remove construction wastes to testing ground. In case of need we can carry out fragmentary reworking of building wastes. Reworked building wastes can be used for producing recyclable materials which can be applied in construction in future. Construction wastes of 4th and 5th hazard categories are applicable for mined-land reclamation.



Legal services of the working process


We deal not only with technical questions of oil and gas complex demolition. There are experienced lawyers on the staff, whose task is the complete legal support of the process.


We are ready to adjust the following questions:


Design development with account of waste generation norms;

Project conformity with the environmental protection law;

Drawing-up of hazardous waste certificate.





Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price

Great experience - we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years

We carry out the full range of works in the shortest possible time

Qualitative result - all workpeople are the citizen of the Russian Federation; the demolition works are carried out under qualified head foremen guidance; our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO





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Licenses and certificates of authorization


LLC «Triumph» carries out demolition of oil and gas facilities in strict adherence to Russian Federation regulation. We have an allowance to this kind of work and to other activity types. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO.



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