Demounting of foundations


Demolition and dismantling of foundations is one of specializations of construction company «Triumph». We carry out the full range of works – from demounting of foundations to recycling of wastes.



Our services


Demounting of concrete and reinforced-concrete foundations;

Demounting of raft foundations;

Dismantling of girder foundations;

Demounting of air raid shelters and hopper-bottomed;

Removal and recycling of construction waste.



Prices for demounting of foundations


Preliminary calculation of dismantling cost is based on:


Type of the building;

Availability of utility systems and services;

Farness from another objects;

Quantity of demolition works – size of foundation and basement depth.





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Demolition methods of foundations


Compressor air tools. The most inexpensive technology. The principle of method is concrete disassembling by means of crushing out with the use of hand hammer drills or hydraulic breakers. Reinforced-concrete fragments are cut out with the use of diamond tool; using of this method is impossible in a number of situations because of extreme vibration, which is destructive of neighboring buildings.

Hydraulic wedge. Absolutely ecofriendly, quite expensive method, chatter-free operation. Holes (with the diameter of 50 mm) are made in the armed concrete with the help of diamond drilling, in which hydraulic wedges are put. The pressure of about 2000 bar is delivered by a hydraulic station on the cylinder of hydraulic wedge

Detonation. An inexpensive and powerful method, takes not much time. Special channels are drilled, in which demolition explosive is laid. Oftentimes is the use of this method impossible. Highly professional specialists are needed who can make the complicated engineering analysis.

Non-explosive destroying composition. Ecofriendly, noise-free, accident-free, quite cheap method. Chemical agents are put into special prepared boreholes which damage concrete constructions. At present most of non-explosive destroying compositions are lime based structures.

Supersonic method. Provides demolition of solid objects in strictly marked places. This is a very expensive method. Principle of method - ultrasonic wave will be transferred through beforehand made flat areas.


Any method in pure form is rarely used in demolition works - most commonly they are combined for receiving the optimal result.





Favourable price – our wage rate is keener than average market price;

Great experience - we have been working in the field of building for more than 10 years;

We carry out the full range of works, including demolition of bridges, in the shortest possible time;

Qualitative result - checking the quality of the work at each stage and process optimization let us carry out the works at a high level.





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Licenses and certificates of authorization


LLC «Triumph» carries out demolition works according to standard of Russian Federation regulation; we have an allowance to any kind of demolition works and other kinds of building works. Our quality management system is in compliance with standards ISO (Certificate №BSS.RU.01.S000480).


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